My academic journey started in the field of archaeology where my main interest was cultural communication. Grave language is one of the main contexts where we can learn about this, and I focused mainly on Iron Age culture, also because I think iron is a very interesting material. 

The focus of my thesis was iron and the axe/hammer, the most sacrificed symbol by humans all over the world. 
Thesis Torshammarringar 
(In Swedish)
Summary in English 

Viking Age graves in Iceland Essay


Many graves contain game related object and my interest for game culture increased when studying archaeology. Games are our oldest form of interactive culture, used for entertainment, learning, power play and rituals. I often lecture about game culture at universities and culture institutions.


Media archaeology is also an interest and I studied webdesign when Internet started to get common, as well as film history, identity, fashion, appearance and gender roles as seen in the archaeological archives.

Essays (In Swedish)

Film: Den nya kvinnan

Flärd, mode och film


In connection to archaeology I also studied geology, GIS and did many excursions, mainly in Iceland and the North of Sweden.